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Cape Town

27 August





Cherry Ace has your Back on Spring Day


Cherry Ace, a new lingerie accessories brand, is launching its first collection on Saturday 1st September, from 4pm until 6pm at Avignon Estate in Hout Bay, Cape Town.

Cherry Ace is a lingerie and fashion accessory brand that helps women re-envision their entire wardrobe and transform it in a whole new way. Cherry Ace’s focus is on growing and celebrating a women’s confidence with the purpose of assisting them in creating a whole new world of their own.

“Cherry Ace’s fashion line is all about wearable confidence!”, says French entrepreneur Claire Yoh, the creator of this exiting new brand. Claire has always believed that helping women find their own style will ensure that they will always be comfortable in their own cloths. The result will be that they will feel beautiful – they will feel they can take on the world! And this is where Cherry Ace comes in.

Claire created this revolutionary solution of ‘overbras’ to address the problem of exposed bra straps. The overbras transform any garment into a more sophisticated and trendy one by hiding the bra straps, offering women the choice and freedom to wear all types of garments that would otherwise reveal their bra straps. “Not everyone wants to walk around showing their underwear”, says Claire, “and for those of us who prefer to cover up, Cherry Ace’s lingerie accessory line has our back”.

Cherry Ace will be revealing 4 products, the Haseya, Devi, Bodhita and Lalita. Two of the garments, Haseya and Devi, are made with delicate contemporary Turkish lace and the other two, Bodhita and Lalita, made with stretch cotton and mesh with printed tattoo and embroidery.


About the brand and the entrepreneur:


Cherry Ace is a purely South African fashion brand created by Claire. Claire has lived in France, Taiwan, Singapore, Spain and decided to return to Cape Town, where she lived as a student, and settle down with her family. Claire believes that her experience abroad opened up her mind and her eyes for what true beauty represents. As Claire prefers subtle beauty to the more obvious type, she sees a woman’s back as a statement of boldness. She likes the suggestion, the mystery of women’s curves and skin as they tell a story. There is a sense of an enigma, of a powerful energy that supports a woman’s attitude.

Claire has always been fascinated by two main things in life: freedom (what it is, how to achieve it) and the women that shape this world. Through her travels and her spiritual quest, she has been mesmerised by the evolution of women in our society and also throughout all cultures. Claire firmly believes that women can lead the life they desire and achieve all their dreams but is also very aware that it takes courage to allow themselves to be themselves.

“It takes time to discover our inner strength”, says Claire. “And sometimes we need a bit of outside help. One of the ways we decide to show the world who we are, what we stand for, what our values are, is through fashion, and through fashion, we can also find strength”. 

Beauty is more of a state of mind, an attitude… and wearable confidence.




Claire Yoh





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